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Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart


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If you can play songs,

you can learn to write your own songs

with the musical skills you already know.

Are you trying to figure out songwriting?

It seems like it should be easy to write songs, but it can be incredibly confusing and frustrating when you try to write songs….

If you: 

  • Want to write songs but don’t know how to start,
  • Tried writing songs but couldn’t finish anything you were happy with, or
  • Finished some songs but felt like you were faking it and couldn’t get consistent results…

If you want to 

  • Replace frustration with fun
  • Confusion with confidence, and
  • Stop trying to figure out it all out on your own…

The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart is what you’ve been looking for!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Stop staring at a blank page, wondering what to write about,
  • Write solid lyrics and know how to find and fix your weak lyrics
  • Know when to use a bridge or a pre-chorus and how to write them
  • Write memorable and singable melodies
  • Write chord progressions that fit your songs
  • Actually finish the songs that you start using a consistent and repeatable process. 
  • Decide what you want to say in each song, the story you want to tell and how to tell it so people love hearing your songs.

You can learn it all in one place, without suffering from information overload or crying when all the pieces refuse to fit together!

Would you rather:

  • Fight with songs or write songs?
  • Feel frustrated with or find the fun in songwriting?
  • Feel like you’re faking it or write with confidence?
  • Pretend you know what you’re doing, or know what to do?
  • Hope to one day figure it out on your own or have guidance every step of the way?

The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart is an online songwriting course… if you do the work, you will write a song and know how to write songs for the rest of your life….


The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart is a Complete Songwriting Method:

The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart guides you through the songwriting process from the initial idea to a finished song you can perform. 

From “I don’t know what to write about” to easily creating ideas and turning them into finished lines and complete song sections. You’ll learn every step of the songwriting process. From how to:

  • Come up with songwriting titles, ideas, lyrics
  • Go from ideas and fragments to completed song sections
  • Create complete lyrics for chorus, verses, pre-chorus and bridge
  • Write chord progressions for each song section
  • Write a melody for any lyrics
  • Write accompaniment for each song section
  • Create a song structure from the beginning to the end of a song
  • Know when you’re finished 
  • Evaluate your new song and decide what to do with it
  • Post your songs on the internet
  • To creating your own customized version of the Ultimate Songwriting Method



The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart comes with a conditional 30 day refund.

The condition is you need to try the course. I’m not going to enable you to buy the course and do nothing with it!

This is a collection of my best songwriting techniques and practices. This songwriting system works if you put in the effort… it works for me and it’s worked for my students, but it only works when you put in the work. Learning any new skills requires time and effort, the Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart is a shortcut so you can quickly learn the most important songwriting skills, focusing your efforts and saving you time as you learn what you need to know to write songs you’re proud of.

If you’re having difficulties or the course isn’t a good fit for you, email me with details of why it isn’t working for you and I’ll help you. We’ll work out a solution you’re happy with… help, a refund or credit towards individual songwriting lessons.

If you don’t try to do the work… you don’t get a refund. This is an active course, you need to do the work and put in the time to learn and remember songwriting concepts and skills. That’s how the real world works.


Are You Ready For The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart?

Remember, you:

  • Don’t have to figure out songwriting all by yourself.
  • Don’t have to watch endless hours of YouTube videos
  • Don’t have to read a dozen songwriting books
  • Don’t have to spend months writing 25+ terrible songs before you write something you don’t hate


Think of all the songs you won’t write until you take the Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart!

The Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart, if you can play cover songs you can learn to write songs with the musical skills you already know. Learn an easy, repeatable songwriting process that takes you from “What do I write about?” to “Check out my latest song!”