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Song Starter Kit


Imagine sitting down to write a new song…

Instead of wondering what to write about and hoping for inspiration… your ideas just flow as fast as you can write them…filling a page with ideas.

After 5 minutes you pick the most interesting idea and fill more pages with ideas, images, emotions, metaphors and lyric fragments.

In 15 minutes you’ve got three pages overflowing with ideas.

Then you

You take 5 more minutes and outline the entire song… what you want to say in each verse, the pre-chorus, the chorus and the bridge.

In less than 30 minutes you’ve got a title, the outline of what you want to say in each song section, the “sound” for each section and have half of the lyrics figured out.

This sounds like an impossible dream, but you can learn to:

Unleash songwriting ideas whenever you want,

Adapt song ideas from your favourite songs to use in your songs, and

Outline an entire song in 5 minutes.

But these songwriting skills can be practiced and learned by anyone with the:

  • 2 hours of video lessons, (8 x 30 minutes… 15 minutes video + 15 minutes exercises
  • PDF summary of the lessons so you don’t have to take notes
  • Lifetime access, including all updates and future upgrades to the course

All for $49


I’m so confident that the Song Starter Kit will work for you, that I’ll make you a bet.

If you complete the course in 2 weeks, I’ll pay you $20.

Seriously, I’ll send you $20 back… call it a 40% off sale for anyone who does the work.

You’re wondering why I would do this… I want you to enjoy songwriting instead of struggling with it. So I’m making this even easier by giving you a success incentive!

With 2 hours of video lessons and about 2 hours working through the exercises and the course quizzes to practice the techniques and strategies so they feel natural and easy…

If you set aside 4 hours over the next 14 days you can easily work through this entire course module…

(and if it really doesn’t work for you… within 30 days you can request a complete refund, so it’s $0 if it doesn’t work for you. The only condition is you actually try out the techniques and strategies!

So $49 to learn how to start a song anytime, anywhere you want… skills you can use for your entire life!

And if you do the work to learn them, it’ll only cost you $29. I’ll send you $20 back as a reward for taking action and completing the course.

This is the first module in the Ultimate Songwriting Jumpstart… if the full course is too big for you, this is a great starting point. For a smaller investment, you learn the songwriting foundation skills to kickstart your songwriting and songwriting techniques that help you start and organize your songs.


I bet you finish it… If you complete the course and homework in 14 days, I’ll send you $20 back. I respect people that take action and follow through, so as an incentive to help you can walk away with songwriting skills you’ll use for the rest of your life for a final total of $29!

Courses Included

The Song Starter Kit – how to start songs you’ll finish: unleashing songwriting ideas on demand, adapting song ideas from your favourites and outlining an entire song in 5 minutes.